Titre français : Monster High 13 Souhaits - Twyla
Titre anglais : Monster High 13 Wishes Twyla Doll
Titre allemand : Monster High 13 Wünsche - Twyla
Année : 2013

Reference : Y7708/BBJ95


Marque : Monster High (Mattel)
Film : Monster High : 13 Souhaits
Thèmes : Gothique/Monstre
Fonction : Croque-mitaine
Série FR : Monster High 13 Souhaits
Série EN : Monster High 13 Wishes
Série DE : Monster High 13 Wünsche
Personnage : Twyla
Personnage interprété FR : Twyla
Personnage interprété EN : Twyla
Personnage interprété DE : Twyla

Observations : fr:B00CN3R3AM/de:B00C6Q4E1W-BBJ99
Description amazon FR : Twyla rejoint Howleen et Lagoona dans cette toute nouvelle aventure au Pays des Mille et une Nuits. Elle porte une tenue aux couleurs vives et est accompagnée de son animal favori.
Description amazon EN : New ghoul Twyla, the daughter of the Boogey Man, comes dressed in the dreamiest fashions, based on her look in the spine-tingling new movie Monster High 13 Wishes! She wears a ruffled skirt with matching top and comes with a dream-catcher purse and her pet dust bunny, Dustin.
Monster Fun With Twyla The ghouls of Monster High are off on another exciting adventure in Monster High 13 Wishes, and this time we meet Howleen Wolf's best friend, Twyla. The daughter of the Boogey Man, gore-geous Twyla doll looks totally dreamy in an ultra-chic outfit with adorable accessories. She's also fully articulated, so your own ghoul can pose her in lots of fun ways!
Fashions to Dream and Scream About! Shy and misunderstood, Twyla hides under normies' beds to capture their nightmares, rather than adding to them like her dad! Lacking a mean streak, Twyla instead displays a fierce taste in fashion, with a ruffled black-and-purple skirt and a matching top with a bow at the neck. She accessorizes this enchanting ensemble with chunky shoes, bracelets, a belt, and a dream-catcher purse.
Spooktacular Details & Accessories Twyla doll accentuates her haunting features with boo-tiful makeup and a colorful, streaked hairstyle. She comes with a personal diary, a hairbrush for touching up her 'do, and a doll stand for striking different poses. Plus, ghouls will shriek with delight at her pet dust bunny, Dustin!
Based on the Movie Monster High 13 Wishes It 's a classic genie story — with a Monster High twist! When Howleen Wolf discovers a magic lantern, she's granted 13 wishes instead of three. She makes some good choices and some bad choices, and creature chaos soon ensues! It's up to the ghoul friends to save the day — and all before the Haunt the Casbah Dance! Girls will love recreating favorite movie moments and inventing new adventures with Twyla doll!
What's in the Box? Twyla doll, purse accessory, pet figure, diary, hairbrush, and doll stand. Features: - Wears a black-and-purple outfit accented with ruffles and an oversized bow - Accessories include a diary, hairbrush, and dream-catcher purse - Also comes with her pet dust bunny, Dustin - Doll is fully articulated, so she can be posed in many different ways - Lots of storytelling and fashion fun
Description amazon DE : Twyla ist die Tochter eines Schreckgespenstes. Doch anstatt die Albträume der Kinder weiter zu füttern, versteckt sie sich unter den Betten und fängt diese.

Articulations : Articulations visibles aux genoux / Articulations visibles aux coudes / Articulations visibles aux poignets
Maquillage du corps : Tatouage

Couleur de la peau : Violet / Gris

Bras peints : Gris

Jambes peintes : Gris


Lèvres : Rose

Fard à paupières : Vert / Violet


Couleur(s) des yeux : Violet

Type de cheveux : Très longs (taille) / Frange

Couleur des cheveux : Vert

Couleurs des mèches : Violet / Bleu


Couleurs dominantes de la tenue : Violet / Vert
Motifs de la tenue : Dentelle / Flot/Noeud / Tête de mort / Toile d'araignée / Ronces / Serrure
Longueur de la tenue : Très courte (mi-cuisses)


Boucles d'oreilles : Argenté

Bracelet : Noir / Violet / Vert

Type de chaussures : Fermées / Talons

Couleur(s) des chaussures : Violet / Noir


Haut (pull, tee-shirt) : Violet / Noir

Jupe/Tutu : Violet / Noir / Gris / Vert


Ceinture : Vert

Sac type : Sac à main

Sac couleurs : Violet / Noir / Blanc

Socle couleurs : Noir

Animal type : Lapin

Animal couleurs : Violet
Beauté type : Brosse

Beauté couleurs : Noir

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