Titre français : Poupée Animator Cendrillon
Titre anglais : Disney Animators' Collection Cinderella Doll - 16''
Année : 2013

Reference : 6070040580902P


Marque : Disney store (Disney)
Film : Cendrillon
Thèmes : Princesse
Fonction : Princesse/Reine
Série FR : Poupée Animator
Série EN : Disney Animators' Collection Doll
Personnage : Cendrillon/Cinderella
Personnage interprété FR : Cendrillon
Personnage interprété EN : Cinderella

Description amazon EN : A Dream is a Wish
Cinderella is reimagined as a little girl; always gentle, kind and with constant hope that her dreams of happiness will come true. This updated edition is gowned in a glittering costume anticipating the princess to-be.
Celebrating the heritage of classic Disney animation, our young renditions of your favorite Disney Princesses were originally created under the guidance of the Walt Disney Animation Studio's most renowned talents, bringing the characters to life in the most creative and authentic way possible. These newly updated editions are costumed in a beautiful new dress by Disney Store artists.
- Cinderella wears a blue satin dress with sheer puff sleeves and silver trimmed bodice
- Soft, sheer peplum with satin bows
- Glitter print filigree detailing on skirt
- Delicate lace trim on socks
- Molded shoes
- Inspired by Walt Disney's animated classic Cinderella
- Comes in a display box featuring character sketches by the animators
- Part of the Disney Animators' Collection, each doll sold separately
- Ages 3+
- Plastic/polyester
- 16'' H
- Imported


Couleur de la peau : Peau


Couleur des cheveux : Blonds


Couleurs dominantes de la tenue : Bleu

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