Titre français : Ever After High - Holly O'Hair
Titre anglais : Ever After High Holly O'Hair Doll
Année : 2014

Reference : BJH20


Marque : Ever After High (Mattel)
Film : Ever After High
Thèmes : Princesse
Fonction : Princesse/Reine
Série FR : Ever After High Coffret Duo
Série EN : Ever After High Core 2-pack Dolls
Personnage : Holly O'Hair
Personnage interprété FR : Holly O'Hair
Personnage interprété EN : Holly O'Hair
Personnage interprété DE : Holly O'Hair
Coffret avec autres personnages

Description amazon FR : Deux sœurs HOLLY O'HAIR du clan des Royals, Fille de Raiponce qui porte comme sa mère les cheveux très longs et POPPY O'HAIR qui porte les cheveux courts et intègre le clan des Rebels
Description amazon EN : Start a new chapter with Ever After High, where the teenage sons and daughters of famous fairytales decide whether or not to follow in their parents' fabled footsteps. These twin sisters have different fates and have chosen different destinies, but both daughters of Rapunzel know how to spellebrate in style. Holly O'Hair and Poppy O'Hair are totally towers of fashion in these enchanting looks with long-lasting charm. Spellbinding accessories weave in iconic elements from their mother's legacy as well as their own stories. Naturally, both sisters have fableous hairstyles: Holly has braided her lusciously long, strawberry-blonde locks, and Poppy has a bandana headband in her short, asymmetrical, two-toned cut. The hexquisite details make for spelltacular display and storytelling fun. The two dolls come with two doll hairbrushes, two doll stands and two story bookmarks that tell their unique character stories. Collect all of the spellbinding students of Ever After High (sold separately).


Couleur des cheveux : Rouge


Couleurs dominantes de la tenue : Violet

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